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27th Jun 2008

How to: Make a Dog Bed in Less than an Hour

And it won’t cost a lot either!

Oh, and it doesn’t involve sewing…

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 yard of 58″ wide fleece
1 20″ x 28″ x 2″ pillow

Start by cutting the fleece in half along the fold. This will give you two pieces of fleece measuring 29″ x 36″.

Create a fringe along all four sides of each piece of fleece by cutting 3″ long cuts, 1″ apart. You will end up removing a 3″ square piece of fleece from each corner. Once completed, your fleece pieces will look like this:

Fleece fringe

Next, put your fleece pieces on top of one another, lining up the corner cutouts. Form knots along one short and the two long edges using a single fringe piece from each side. Leave one short edge unknotted for now.

Knotted fringe

Insert the pillow into the fleece and knot the remaining fringe pieces together.

Voila! Dog bed…

Streaka's new bed

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24th Jun 2008

Design Tip: Making Swirls in Illustrator

Thanks to Jessica Jones over at How About Orange, I can now make really funky swirls in Illustrator. Jessica linked to this tutorial at Bittbox and this was the result of my first kick at the swirly can:


How fun! You know, I’d thought about printing a leaf design I’d done as part of my “safari” images on some pillowcases:

Jungle Leaf

Now I think I might just do swirly things instead!

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