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15th Apr 2008

QR Code Thank You Notes

QR Thank You Card

After last week’s brief foray into paper cutting, yesterday saw me finally getting back to stationery and working on another design — this time for thank you cards. A combination of low-tech (you can’t get a whole lot lower tech than Gocco!) and high tech (QR codes rock!) really appealed to my sense of irony.

Not quite so ironic was the nasty folding job done on the cards used. Very disappointing as I thought I’d found a more local source for cards. Around half of the cards were folded all wonky so I decided to shorten the run and put them all on sale.

When I get back from Oregon, I’ll run some more of these lovelies (and this time the fold will be perfect because I won’t be using Strathmore cards again, will I!).

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