04th Jul 2008

New Design: Thank you notes

My friend, Cheryl, asked if I would design and print some thank you notes for a baby shower she’s hosting. One of the main decorative colours at the shower will be yellow and there will be lots of African mammals represented in other items.

It seemed like the perfect time to use one of my safari designs: the giraffe.

Thank you cards

My colour seems to be a bit off as the cards are actually yellower but you can still see Mrs. Giraffe and her baby.

For anyone planning a shower of any sort in the future, steal this idea: hand out thank you cards to the guests as they arrive and ask them to address the envelope to themselves. When the time comes to write those notes, part of the job is done for the lucky shower-ee.  What a time saver, especially for a new mother!

2 Responses to “New Design: Thank you notes”

  1. amy purple Says:

    Loving the giraffe design! Very nicely done!

  2. jen Says:

    Thanks, Amy. I am so pleased with how they turned out that I plan on tweaking all of my safari designs, printing them again, and putting them in the shop!